• Barbara Oliveira

The Importance of Physical Therapy After Surgeries

Postoperative physical therapy is essential for the patient's full recovery. In addition to contributing to the reduction of pain symptoms

and swelling levels, the treatment aims to restore the movements of the operated limb, in addition to preventing muscle contracture and joint stiffness. In addition, physical therapy can be used both in orthopedic procedures and in any type of postoperative period.

What is it?

Physical therapy in the postoperative period is very necessary for patients who have undergone invasive procedures. This treatment, which aims at recovery of movement, among other benefits, is widely performed after orthopedic and venous tract surgeries, such as varicose veins. The same is true for patients who have suffered some kind of amputation and in place of the limb some type of prosthesis has been placed.

The physical therapy procedure should be performed by a qualified professional in the area. All necessary follow-up can be done in our clinic, during a period predetermined by the orthopedist and the physical therapist himself.

Most common questions

As much as it is highly recommended by health professionals, many people feel fearful about this treatment. The greatest fear is due to the fact of making more intense movements, precisely in the operated limb.

This fear is quite understandable, although it is not justifiable. After all, the movement of recovering limbs is fundamental for the prompt restoration of the patient. This is true for any part of the body: knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, spine, etc. If they do not move during the process, recovery can be dramatically compromised.

Excessive lack of movement in the postoperative period paralyzes blood circulation, which can cause edema and pain. In more severe cases, the person may suffer a thrombosis, especially older patients.

Moreover, the musculature may be more fragile, with high chances of atrophy. In turn, the skin becomes stiff and less flexible, thus prolonging the rehabilitation time.


Given the danger caused by patient immobility and longer recovery time, postoperative physical therapy is highly recommended. In addition to preventing these aggravating factors,

the treatment favors the reduction of pain and muscle tensions inherent to the surgical procedure.