• Barbara Oliveira

Learning More About our Staff!

We would like to share with you today a little bit more about our Physical Therapist and Director: Cecily Mullin.

Cecily is a Harford County native who graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Neumann University and Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Arcadia University. Her passion to optimize function and reduce pain with an individualized approach using manual therapy techniques and her certifications in FMS and FCS. Outside of work Cecily loves to stay active, cheer on the Ravens, spend time outdoors with her boyfriend and their 3 dogs - Natty, Boh, and Stella.

Why did you decide to become a PT?

- I have actually been in the PT world as a patient and our clinician for 15+ years! I always knew that I wanted to be within the healthcare field but was immediately drawn to physical therapy specifically to help patients develop and get back into doing what they loved.

What are your favorite things about becoming a PT?

- I really enjoy the relationship that you get to build with the patient! Not only do you get to learn about them on a personal level with seeing them 2-3 times a week, but is really awesome to help them through and see their reaction with the progress they make. One of the greatest feelings is to have a patient come in after a weekend excited to tell you that they were able to complete some thing that they were never able to do or had not been able to do for a long time.

Do you have a specialty?

- I am certified in dry needling as well as FCE/FMS. I try to incorporate those into my practices with all patients..

How do you motivate patients?

- Finding ways to make a patient laugh or smile, that’s key! No one likes being in pain, trying to add a little enjoyment to a program helps boost a patient’s moral (which ultimately improves pain levels).

Cecily is the Director of our Baltimore center, so you are able to see her in person there! To know more please check our Baltimore location page: Click Here to Check it Out!

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