• Barbara Oliveira

Do you know our staff?

We already have a "Feature Day" for our employees on our social media, so our followers can learn more about our staff/team. But since we are hiring new employees we want to share with you that follow our blog posts about our team!

Let's start with our CEO and owner Bryan Morrow!

Bryan has worked in outpatient physical therapy for twenty years. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson University. He specializes in all orthopedic physical therapy including treating vestibular / balance, neurological conditions, pain management, workers' compensation and work injuries - getting patients back to work as quickly as possible.

Some questions that Bryan answered for you to learn more about him!

Why did you decide to become a PT?

- I have always been an outgoing person. I enjoy getting to know people of all backgrounds and cultures. Being a physical therapist allows me to get to know people much better than other health care professions would allow.

What are your favorite things about becoming a PT?

- Seeing my patient improve and my fellow co workers excel and grow.

Do you have a specialty?

- Vestibular and Occupational Medicine.

How do you motivate patients?

- I try to create a happy and lite environment that people enjoy coming too. Laughter is good medicine.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about our CEO, if you like this kind of post please give your feedback and share with your friends.