• Barbara Oliveira

Advantages of Physical Therapy for Senior Patients


1. Improves balance

Over the years it is common to feel a decrease in reflexes and body balance, but this can pose great dangers in old age. This is because falls are a very common risk and can result in more serious injuries and fractures, making recovery slower and more painful.

Physical Therapy is a great ally at this point, because it works both the rehabilitation of balance and reflexes, thus reducing the risk of falling. Exercises are essential to ensure autonomy as well, contributing to the elderly being able to move on their own safely and without further difficulties.

2. Assists in the coordination

Another important point to be worked on to restore balance and improve reflexes is coordination, which can be affected by the natural aging process or some disease such as Parkinson's. The lack of coordination can make it difficult to perform small tasks in everyday life, such as holding cutlery or wearing an outfit, for example.

This directly compromises individual independence, so physical therapy becomes an indispensable tool. By working on autonomy and returning coordination to perform these tasks, the exercises contribute to an improvement in quality of life, taking care not only of physical health, but also of mental health: with more independence, patients can go through this phase with more tranquility, feeling less the impact of the changes brought by our lifetime.

3. Flexibility recovery

The preservation of muscles and joints is essential to ensure good mobility for older patients. To work on this point, the physical therapist must pass stretching and other exercises to strengthen within the possibilities of each patient.

Here it is very important to respect the limits of each person, so the follow-up of a specialized professional is indispensable: the physical therapist has all the necessary knowledge to indicate the best exercises and thus achieve the best results. This work in senior patients that practices physiotherapy works to preserve flexibility and even recover it, regaining autonomy and ensuring a much healthier and quieter older age.

4. Help in the treatment of pathologies

Physiotherapy for senior patients is very indicated as a complement in the treatment of various pathologies such as arthritis, arthrosis, recovery from fractures, muscle pain and many others. Physical exercise is essential for the recovery of the body in these cases and makes all the difference in the process of rehabilitation and improvement of quality of life.

It is worth remembering that exercises are just an extra help, the doctor can prescribe medicines and other treatments to take care of the pathology and get better results. Physical therapy will enhance these results and contribute to a faster recovery, as well as to the reduction of discomfort caused by pain, as we will see later in this content.

5. Promotes independence and autonomy

We've talked a lot about the rehabilitation of autonomy and independence in this content, so you could get an idea of the importance of the exercises brought by physical therapy in the senior patients, didn't you? The older patients require several adaptations and the loss of these conditions can generate several consequences, including impacts on mental health such as depression and anxiety.

To avoid these problems and provide a quieter adaptation, physiotherapy brings daily exercises capable of maintaining as much autonomy as possible through the strengthening and preservation of balance. This allows the elderly to be able to perform various daily activities without needing help.