• Bryan Morrow

Finding Balance This Winter: Free Health Screenings November 16th 1p - 4pm

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Forest Hill, MD, (October 28, 2019) --- Innovative Physical Therapy is kicking off Winter 2019-2020 with a day of FREE health screenings including, free physical therapy evaluations if you have any pain or injury, blood pressure, body mass index, peripheral artery disease and more.

Sign up for a time spot on Innovative Physical Therapy's website and receive a virtual gift bag from Innovative Physical Therapy and their partners, Orange Theory Fitness, Podiatry Associates, CoreLife, Serenity Salt Spa and Harford Sports Performance Center.


Attention Athletes of All Ages - Prevent Injury Here!

It is no secret that physical activity continues to decline, particularly in the Western world. However, there is a growing movement of professionals and enthusiasts who are bucking this trend and taking to the great outdoors. Whether it is for a recreational activity or organized group exercise, outdoor training is gaining traction. With the running season in full swing, now is an optimal time to start exercising.

How do you know if you’re ready? Innovative Physical Therapy can get you there or help you stay injury free with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

Benefits of FMS

FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents your movement patterns so our physical therapists can objectively identify your body’s functional limitations, asymmetries, and


Using FMS, we create a personalized profile to target your body’s needs and scientifically track your

progress. Our team can help you: